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Buxom Canines and Breakfast Enchiladas: A Review of Foxy’s Diner

Breakfast at full tilt at Foxy's

As evident by the team of contributors for this blog, it’s clear that we are a group of food-obsessed individuals who live in Queens and love it. There is something about the richness of this borough and its diversity of pan Asian, Central American, and South American culture that makes everything more exciting when you walk into a restaurant. You see the influence of these communities in the food, especially in places you don’t expect to find it. One of these places for me was at a diner in Sunnyside called Foxy’s Café. I went in expecting some average eggs with sub par hash browns and some bacon on top, but I came out giddy, happy, thoroughly full and excitingly hangover-less.

Now, Foxy’s isn’t your average diner. For one thing, it’s not on a corner with large windows or easily discernible signs.  Instead, it’s nestled happily between a giant funeral home and a quintessential Queens Irish pub. I know that all the Brooklyn-ites are about to be up in arms about this posting and I see them running down the streets in their vintage wear with fists in air, outraged that I am claiming that a Queens diner is awesome. But, this one is.

It’s best to go to this diner during the weekend. That’s when the brunch menu is in full affect. Not only is it awesome that a buxom, curvaceous cartoon of a foxy lady greets you, but you are also given a nice brunch menu with specials ranging from French toast to breakfast enchiladas. I really like the enchiladas. I think they are delicious and prove that the true cooks of New York City, not just in Queens, are those who hail from Central or South America. The tortillas are filled with your standard scrambled eggs and topped with an amazing salsa verde. The whole dish is topped with a crema and allows the every bite to be amazingly creamy. Served along side some potatoes and black beans, they make the perfect brunch meal: full of starch, protein, and dairy.

The brunch menu changes, which allows me to always be surprised at Foxy’s. It’s not always great food when I steer away from the Latin inspired fare, but it’s never bad. Plus, the free mimosa made with fresh squeezed orange juice and served in a wine goblet will always be consistently exciting. Check this place out, and look out for this Chinese kid digging into a plate of enchiladas with three different bottles of hot sauce surrounding him.

Foxy’s Diner, 43-11 Queens Blvd., Sunnyside, 718-482-7640,

-Written by Scott Lu


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