Grow and Behold Donating 5% to Local Kosher Soup Kitchen

If you’re a CSA-joining, farmer’s-market-frequenting, canvas-bag-toting, food-loving, environmentalist who keeps kosher, what meat do you buy?! Until recently, there wasn’t a good option. All the farmer’s market meat isn’t kosher, and all the supermarket kosher meat is commercially produced with little regard for the environment or the animals.

And then there’s Grow and Behold. Started by Naftali and Anna Hanau, a young couple from Brooklyn, Grow and Behold is devoted to running their company ethically, paying their workers fairly, treating their animals humanely, respecting the environment, and providing meat that is delicious. And they deliver on all that they promise!

This year for Purim, which is coming up on March 20th, Grow and Behold have pledged to donate 5% of their gross sales between now and then to Masbia, a Kosher soup kitchen with 4 locations, one  on Queens Blvd in Rego Park. Purim is a traditional time for charity giving, with Jewish teachings stating that everyone must give to the poor.

Even though it’s the ONLY chicken I’ve had in the past year, I can actually vouch for the taste of their chicken, and for the people who run the company.  I tend not to eat meat or animal products, but while at the Hazon Food Conference in December 2010, I indulged. Naftali and Anna graciously donated Grow and Behold chicken for the conference’s Shabbat dinner, and I was fortunate to sit at their table and learn more about their company, and even meet Naf’s mother who was there supporting her son and daughter-in-law! After and seeing their passion for the humane treatment of the animals, the environment, and their workers, I decided to try a thigh…. Roasted to perfection with just rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper, it was crisp on the outside and moist on the inside — just like shabbat chicken should be. Naf joked with me that he would bring me back over to the dark side, and he might! If I do get any chicken in the future, it will no doubt be from Grow and Behold.

Grow and Behold’s poultry is raised on small-scale Amish chicken farms in Pennsylviania, and schecht at a family-run Kosher slaughterhouse in New Jersey. Grow and Behold delivers to homes and select pickup locations in the metro-NYC area, including one location in Forest Hills, Queens. To learn more about Grow and Behold and place your order in time for the Purim charity drive, visit their website:


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